Transition Friendly Services

Jul 09

Transitioning from a relaxer to your natural textured hair is a very personal choice and is not for everyone as it can be a long and tough journey. If you’ve made the choice to transition out of your relaxer the first thing you’re going to need to figure out is if you are going to do the “Big Chop” and sport a “TWA” (Teeny Weeny Afro) while your hair grows out or grow out your natural with your relaxed ends. Again both are personal choices and depends or your lifestyle and how much maintenance time you want to spend on your hair, the TWA taking up the least amount of your time. Some challenges with keeping your relaxed ends while you transition are longer styling times and preventing breakage. Some huge benefits to keeping relaxed ends is that you can keep your hair length and more styling options.

When I transitioned from a relaxer to my natural texture, I did not do a big chop. In the very beginning and for a year or 2 I got flat iron services with regular hair trimming. At the time there were no keratin treatments so I did protein treatments every six weeks and weekly moisturizing treatments in between. It was a commitment but it was worth it because I had no breakage and got to keep my long hair.

Transitioning without the big chop and no breakage is easier now, especially if you do a little research and plan ahead. There are many salon services specifically designed for transitioning and natural hair care. Below I have listed the Fresh Mane services I recommend for transitioners and natural texture clients. Book your appointments online HERE

Transition and Natural Hair Friendly Services Price We always and ONLY use Sulfate Free Shampoos
DE STS Transitioning Treatment $90.00
DE STS Elongation Treatment $90.00
Keratin Complex Blowout Express $90.00
DE STS Silkining Treatment $75.00
Keratin Kwick $70.00
Hydo Steam Therapy/w Flat Iron $50.00
Keratin Glazing $45.00
Deep Conditioning/w Flatiron $45.00
Natural Styling $45.00


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