The Breakdown On Damaged Hair and How To Get It Back To Healthy

Sep 03

 Aloha I wanted to share with you some information on the causes of hair damage and the professinal and home care services and products you can use to protect and repair your hair. 

Hair is composed primarily of proteins. It is made of three layers which include the cuticle. Damaged hair is caused by many factors such as excessive heat styling. Damaged hair is characterized internally by open cuticles and broken protein bonds. Physically, damaged hair is rough, brittle to the touch, and prone to split ends. 

Heat Styling is a leading cause in damaged hair. Heat cracks unprotected hair’s cuticle and withdraws moisture– leaving hair dry and brittle. Many chemicals such as bleaches, perms, and relaxers damage hair greatly. In order for them to work they must swell hair’s cuticle. This process roughens cuticle, making it prone to chipping and breaking off. These chemicals also wear down protein bonds in hair, the very thing that keeps our hair strong and lustrous. The end result is weakened damaged hair. 

Environmental conditions affect hair year round. During the summer, the sun’s UV rays break protein in hair. Winter is most drying to hair. This is because there is less moisture in the air. The cold winds tangle hair and roughen hair’s cuticle. Protecting your hair year round is essential. 

Hair’s composition is 88% protein. The sun is especially rough on chemically processed hair, often being responsible for color going brassy. Combining heat styling and chemical services like flatironing relaxed hair caused some serious damage. Protein protects hair and when it breaks down, hair becomes dry and damaged. 

We try to repair damaged hair with deep conditioning with reconstructions (high in protein conditioners) and protein treatments but it’s not enough. Most of these conditioners just don’t have what it takes to do anything yet alone repair the hair shaft. 

Now there are new products that can replenish hair protein and actually repair the hair. The best thing is they are FLATIRONED into the hair. I’ve talked a lot about my experience with Brazilian Keratin Treatments, and the Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments and how wonderful they are for the hair. Not only because they condition, they also infuse protein into the hair, repairing it. Although Keratin Treatments are sutible for all hair not every head of hair needs them. What every head of hair needs is protection form becoming damaged or repair and reconstruction from chemical, sun and heat damage.  

Coppola has two awesome products that you can ad to your home care regimen, Intense RX and Infusion. Both of these are blow dried and flatironed into the hair. I have seen a dramatic reduction in breakage in my clients since I added this flatiron service. Now I am introducing my clients to Pravana’s Keratin Glazing Service. Here is a little of what Pravana has to say: 

The quick & easy blowout service, with uncompromised results 

Why just blow hair out when now you can resurface the hair, eliminate frizz and provide 

unparalleled shine in the same amount of time? Pravana’s Keratin Glazing takes hair 

revival to an entirely new level. Glass-like shine and silky smooth hair is now just a few 

painless steps away. 

 Not only does the Keratin Glazing service provide an outwardly healthy shine and sleek look, but it actually resurfaces the hair by coupling pure keratin proteinwith special silicones providing long-lasting shine, smoothness and protection. After the service, clients are strongly recommended to take the unparalleled Keratin Fusion Restructurizer and Thermal Insulator home to maintain their beautiful new shine and finish.  

Keratin Glazing Q & A 

How is it different from the Brazilian Blowout? 

Virtually all Brazilian straighteners and relaxers contain some form of formaldehyde, aldehyde or formalin. These are recognized carcinogens and pose a significant health risk to stylists and their clients, particularly when used with heat. The Keratin Glazing Service employs pure Keratin protein and other natural ingredients known to be safe and effective to resurface the hair for a lasting smooth finish. 

Is it okay to use on all hair types? 

The Keratin Glazing Service is suitable for all hair types and conditions. It will instantly resuscitate dry, damaged, or brittle hair and resurface hair that is rough or abraded. While Keratin Glazing provides added body and textural control, it is suitable to both fine and coarse hair types. Of course, to maximize the effectiveness this should include the entire Keratin Fusion regimen – Keratin Fusion Restructurizing Serum, Keratin Fusion Thermal Insulator, and Keratin Fusion Revitalizing Cleanse and Conditioner. 

How long does it last on the hair? 

Keratin Glazing instantly resurfaces the hair to a smooth and lustrous finish while special micro silicones seal pure keratin protein to the interior of the hair fiber to strengthen and add body. This effect will last up to 6 shampoos. Clients can purchase the Keratin Glazing products to maintain their look at home or continue to get the Keratin Glazing Blowout as an in-salon service. 

You can now purchase from my website (and in the Salon), Intense RX, Infusion, and  Pravana Keratin Glazing Kits Includes: Keratin Fusion Thermal, Insulator, Keratin Fusion Restructurizing Serum – 6 Vials, and Step-by-Step Instructions.